As the world increasingly becomes a global marketplace with the development of new and innovative technology, cosmetic and skincare brands are finding it easier and easier to sell products to new and existing consumers across the globe. Yet, when a product is made in one country and sold in another which of the many global cosmetic regulations apply?

The simple and most reasonable approach would be to implement processes to ensure regulatory compliance based on each region where the product is sold whether at a retail location or on the internet.
Although many industry leaders champion a universal global regulatory system, it is more likely that we will see a system where there is compatibility vs. one global law. Why? Simply because we are operating within a constantly innovating industry and will always find it extremely difficult to compartmentalize and box claims with certain tests and compliance regulation. Each country has different regulations mainly caused by which government department administers the regulations and a product that is approved by one country may not be approved by another.

Likewise, as countries have different definitions and categories of cosmetics, companies increasingly need to consider not only the ingredients regulated under the cosmetics legislation, but also chemical and environmental legislation too.

In order to establish on global regulatory system the industry would have to form one policymaking body and embark on a massive legislative and political campaign to overhaul each regions existing laws.  While creating a product in compliance with regulatory requirements for each region where a product is sold is costly- manufactures, regulators, and industry leaders must embrace this reality and work together on creating individual regulatory systems that make implementing laws easier and more compatible with each other across the globe.


1938 is the online magazine blog for Well-Kept Beauty, formally entitled Primer.

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