A round-up of the latest stories to know about surrounding all things beauty and grooming to start your week.

Regulatory & Legislative Analysis 

  • Bill Directs FTC To Take Action On Photoshopped Ads. A new bill presented in the House instructs the FTC to examine the use of ads that alter the physical characteristics of the face and body and develop a strategy to address the issue and reduce their use. (The Rose Sheet)
  • India FDA cracks down on cosmetics manufacturers. The Indian Food and Drug Administration has cracked down on four cosmetics manufacturers in Pune, Sangli, Kolhapur and Solapur after finding them to be operating without valid licenses. (Cosmetics Design)
  • Eliminating microbeads does not compromise cosmetics quality”.   Bulldog Skincare founder Simon Duffy says that removing plastic microbeads from cosmetics products and soaps will not compromise performance and calls for more interest to encourage more brands to follow suit. (Cosmetics Design)
  • Trade Agreements Will Further International Harmonization. Provisions specific to cosmetics slated for inclusion in the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership may help to align global cosmetics regulations, industry says. ( The Rose Sheet)
  • The European Commission will host a sixth round of EU-US trade talks next month on a new trade and investment deal, known as the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, or TTIP; and the outlook is positive as Europe is in a strong position. (Cosmetics Design)

Market GPS

  • More Korean cosmetics brands eyeing up China. Recent figures have shown South Korea’s beauty market exports faring very well, and now smaller brands are looking to further strengthen their foothold, with their sights apparently set on China. ( The Rose Sheet)
  • As an emerging market region, the 450 million that make up South America’s population may be small when compared to the four billion that inhabit Asia but its income per capita – over US$9,000 (World Bank 2012 figures) – is much stronger: twice as much, in fact, as the powerhouse of growth that is China. (Cosmetic Business)

Business Portfolio 

  • Luxury Brands Look To Lipstick for Growth. From Gucci Grooming to Burberry Beauty, a host of luxury goods brands are diversifying into the skincare & cosmetics space in a bid for new growth.  (Luxury Society)
  • L’Oreal USA is set to relocate its Chicago-based institute for research into ethnic hair and skin to the company’s ‘innovation hub’ in New Jersey, in a move which confirms the rise of the demand for multicultural beauty in the US. (Cosmetics Design)
  •  Shiseido fined over US tax income. Shiseido says it plans to dispute tax penalties relating to income over a five year period from its US Subsidiary that is alleged to have not been declared. (Cosmetics Design)
  • Will pulling out of the US help to recover Avon’s performance? Following a dismal couple of years for cosmetic giant Avon, could a move like withdrawing from the US market help to recover declining sales. (Cosmetics Design)

1938 is the online magazine blog for Well-Kept Beauty, formally entitled Primer.

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