A round-up of the latest news and information you need to know to start your week surrounding all things beauty and grooming.

Legislative/ Regulatory

  • In a survey conducted by IQPC division Pharma IQ, 31% of cosmetics industry members identified “what preservatives you can use” as the biggest challenge facing their business since implementation of the European Union’s Cosmetics Regulation in July 2013. Others cited challenges related to animal-testing alternatives and the regulation’s definition of nanomaterials. (The Rose Sheet)

Business Portfolio

  • Avon Products admits that the company’s turnaround is taking longer than expected due to a difficult financial climate and tough markets, after announcing profits shrank in its second quarter. Total revenue of $2.2 billion decreased 13%, while total units decreased 6% and price/mix was up 3% during the quarter. (Cosmetics Design)
  • CVS Makes a Premium Play (WWD)
  • Sephora Adds New Services (WWD)
  • Procter & Gamble CEO A.G. Lafley announced today that the Cincinnati-based company would sell or discontinue about half of its brands to focus on the most profitable ones; could unload about half of its 160 or so brands in the next year or two. (Biz Journals)

Industry Pulse

  • Organic personal care market likely to post double-digit annual growth to 2020. Most global regions are expected to post near double-digit annual growth in organic personal care over the next six years, a new market research report suggests. (Cosmetics Design)
  • Male personal care is on the rise across many international markets. The causes of this overarching trend vary across the cultural lines of each market. For instance, personal care in the male sector has increased by 15% in the USA, and 34% in China, but the successful products, as well as the reasons behind their success, are drastically different in each of these countries. (Cosmetics Business)
  • Because of public misconceptions and marketing pressures about the preservatives that have safely protected cosmetics for many decades, formulators are constantly seeking alternatives. John Woodruff addresses the problem of providing cosmetic products with adequate preservation while conforming to current marketing trends. (Cosmetics Business)
  • Beauty brands may be operating on simplified, stereotypical notions regarding Latin American consumers, whose number and spending power are rapidly on the rise. In this contributed article, Elle Morris, a Latina mom and VP at brand design agency LPK, offers a personal perspective on the market and statistical insight into the opportunity before industry. (The Rose Sheet)

Market GPS

  • As emerging markets continue to grow, 600 of the world’s top cities will be responsible for nearly 85 percent of global economic growth by 2025, according to a new report by McKinsey. (Luxury Daily)
  • Italy has suffered particularly badly in the financial crisis of the past six years, but it seems that the business of Italian cosmetics is taking a turn for the better, according to Cosmetica Italia’s latest Beauty Report. In the midst of financial recession, the cosmetic industry is historically resilient. (Cosmetics Business)

Beauty 2.0

  • Second Annual Beauty 2.0 Awards are seeking nominations. There are two new categories this year: best technology startup and best beauty startup. Nominations can be self-designated, or people can nominate their favorite beauty brand that they feel would quality. The categories of great technology startup and best beauty startup were not available last year and they are expected to be big hits at the conference. (Beauty Awards 2.0)

 Legal Perspective

  • UK retail giant, Marks and Spencer is the latest department store to be accused of contributing to fat shaming by stocking a range of body toning creams called ‘Fat Girl Slim’. (Cosmetics Design)
  • Denmark regulators have flagged nail polish product ‘Depend GelLack’, following a number of consumers experiencing allergic reactions.  The nail product contains acrylates, which have been reported to cause adverse effects when they come into contact with the skin. (Cosmetics Design)

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