In the past most companies we unclear how to or reluctant to make the connection between business practices and how policymakers viewed their operations.  With the emergence of a global economy and increasing geo-political factors in both established and emerging markets, these same business leaders have recognized that their business models will  continue to face  regulatory and public policy threats.

As business environments rarely remain static, all organizations regardless of size are at risk of brand dilution by not having a public policy brand.  While most companies invest various resources into developing initiatives to advance the business’s core message, services, or products – few have dedicated resources to the development of their brand’s public policy reputation.

What Is a Public Policy Brand?

A Public Policy Brand is an awareness that the company’s business model –

  • Is vulnerable to the perceptions of policymakers, legislative and regulatory actions, and the role of policy influencers such as issue coalitions, associations, think tanks, and NGOs.
  • Must anticipate and understand the policy environment in which the business and industry operates
  • Must move beyond having in-house or hired government relations professionals and  public affairs directors operating in silos independently of each other and the company’s strategic planning department or function

Elements of Establishing A Public Policy Brand

  • Dedicated company and staff resources
  • Evaluation of risks
  • Observation of public sentiment
  • Identification of key internal and external stakeholders
  • Implementation of strategic messaging and communications strategies

In today’s market, both established and independent cosmetics companies along with the beauty industry as a whole will continue to face policy threats when implementing new practices or products. Having a public policy brand will best position both companies and the industry to respond effectively when needed and will mean the difference between a public relations success or failure.

1938 is the online magazine blog for Well-Kept Beauty, formally entitled Primer.

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