A round-up of the latest news and information you need to know to start your week surrounding all things beauty and grooming.

Legislative/ Regulatory

  • In a study recently published in the Journal of Cosmetic Science, FDA assessed levels of seven trace contaminants in 150 cosmetic products on the market. The agency says the survey will help it to “make appropriate decisions regarding elemental contaminants in cosmetics.” (The Rose Sheet)
  • FDA’s work on time-and-extent applications and monograph updates, unlike its work in evaluating NDAs for some OTC drugs and for Rx products, is not supported by user fees. The difference shows in the stalled process for approving new monograph ingredients, says the acting head of FDA’s OTC drugs office. (The Rose Sheet)
  • In a study recently published in the Journal of Cosmetic Science, FDA assessed levels of seven trace contaminants in 150 cosmetic products on the market. The agency says the survey will help it to “make appropriate decisions regarding elemental contaminants in cosmetics.”  (The Rose Sheet)
  • Following bans across the US on the tiny plastic particles in personal care goods, European brands like Bulldog Skincare for Men are promoting microbead alternatives in formulations, which suggests companies are keen to pre-empt any comparable ban on the continent. Bulldog has become the latest to be listed on Fauna & Flora International’s (FFI) renowned Good Scrub Guide. The skin care brand’s Original Face Scrub which contains Pumice and Coconut shell instead of the tiny plastic particles has been added to FFI’s database of approved products. (Cosmetics Design)

Business Portfolio

  • Indian cosmetics companies are widening their manufacturing base in Bangladesh to meet surging demand in this key emerging market of 154 million people, while skirting higher import tariffs for products made in India. But the move of India owned beauty and personal care products makers into Bangladesh has sparked concern among their Bangladeshi counterparts, who fear their domestic market share being grabbed by Indian companies commanding stronger financial firepower. (Cosmetics Business)
  • The future of the luxury beauty industry: an exclusive interview with La Prairie CEO (CPP Luxury)

Industry Pulse

  • Although nutricosmetics have been increasingly popular since their inception in the 1980s when Ake Dahlgren coined the phrase “beautiful skin begins within”, new nutricosmetic products are causing changes in this market. While conventional supplements are becoming more popular, ‘beauty foods’ are starting to swallow up the market. (Cosmetics Business)

Market GPS

  • L2’s Korea Beauty research team finds that 47% of prestige cosmetic brands, both global and Korean, link to third party sellers while only 28% offer direct e-commerce to consumers from their brand site. On the other hand, 43% of mass brands offer direct e-commerce whereas only 28% link to third-party sellers. (L2 ThinkThank)

Beauty 2.0

  • Booking a haircut or a pedicure still requires you to call ahead most of the time. Square would like to change that. Today, the mobile payment company announced that it was officially launching one of the many new products. The company describes the e-booking system as a “built-in receptionist,” and has been beta testing it with a few shop owners. Basically, the calendar system allows customers to book their own appointments online, even if your business doesn’t have a website, and it can send out text reminders to customers so that they don’t forget their 4 p.m. (Fast Company)
  • Gilt Groupe co-founder Alexandra Wilkis Wilson is moving to a new startup. Ms. Wilkis Wilson, who helped launch the flash sale luxury site, will take over Sept. 1 as co-founder and CEO of Glamsquad, which offers at-home hair and makeup services. Women can use Glamsquad’s mobile app to book stylists who will visit them at home, in the office or at the gym. Hair starts at $50; makeup at $75. The company  currently operates in New York City and is testing plans to enter the Los Angeles market.  (Wall Street Journal)
  • Clarins UK is approaching the tutorial trend by creating three of its own how-to videos. Named “You, only better. Instantly”, the clips are part of a paid advertising campaign that’s featured on key digital media like ELLEUK.com. Anchored by an interactive pop-up on such sites (as screengrabbed below), the videos offer the viewer the ability to “uplift your look” in either five, 10 or 15-minute increments. A slider tool showcases the three different make-up looks first and foremost, with the videos explaining how to achieve them, and the products needed to do so, featured alongside. (Fashion And Mash)

Legal Perspectives

  • According to FDA, Dr. Bronner’s Magic “All-One!” organic virgin coconut oil is an unapproved new drug based on a labeling claim indicating cholesterol benefits and, by extension, reduced coronary heart disease risk. The firm, which promotes its virgin coconut oils for both culinary and personal-care uses, has removed the claim from updated labeling, it says. (The Rose Sheet)


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