A round-up of the latest news and information you need to know to start your week surrounding all things beauty and grooming.

Legislative/ Regulatory

  • At a time when all the big players in the cosmetics and personal care space have faced a market slowdown, Beiersdorf CEO Stefan Heidenreich says that manufacturers must strategize for the long haul and not panic. (Cosmetics Design)
  • Launching in October, the Nagoya Protocol on Access and Benefit Sharing and related legislation emerging around the globe will focus regulatory scrutiny on companies researching and developing plants and other genetic resources for commercial applications. The cosmetics industry could be a ready target, an expert says, urging firms to assess their supply chains and ensure that necessary ABS agreements are in place. (The Rose Sheet)
  • The executive director of the Professional Beauty Association has written an “open letter” to the professional-beauty industry about deregulation and the national attention it has recently received. (Beauty Store Business)
  • With a growing list of countries ending animal testing for cosmetics, an open letter to the Australian government signed by cosmetic executives aims to end the practice there. (Cosmetics Design)
  • A host of Europe-based ingredient manufacturers have entered a strategic partnership with Beraca for the in-cosmetics Brazil event held in Sao Paulo, September 9-10, as they look to further penetrate the market where natural products are in demand. Germany-based companies Henry Lamotte and Dr. Straetmans, France-based Greentech and Italy-based Indena will be exclusively represented by Beraca in Brazil per the partnership. (Cosmetics Design)

Business Portfolio

  • Having invested further in the digital space, Estée Lauder CEO Fabrizio Freda believes it will strengthen its relationship with its retail partners rather than take away from it. Freda explains that there is a clear strong connection between success of the retailer online and success of the same retailer in brick-and-mortar, which is why the company is adopting this Omni-channel approach, as it believes it is ‘the future’. (Cosmetics Design)
  • Creating brand loyalty appears to be beneficial in the skin care arena, particularly facial care, but isn’t always the case for other personal care categories such as colour cosmetics. Market researcher Euromonitor International has been investigating consumer’s brand loyalty to provide insight on how a company can tailor offerings to the needs of specific buyers. (Cosmetics Design)
  • Critical Mass: Rite Aid’s Beauty Evolution (WWD)
  • Christie Hefner Leads Growth at Hatchbeauty (WWD)

Industry Pulse

  • The NPD Group’s 2014 track report has revealed that just 1% of women use only fine fragrances,which means the wide usage of scented products is a considerable opportunity for the fragrance industry.  According to the market researcher, nearly 60% of US women use both fine fragrance and a scented body product, regardless of their age or race. (Cosmetics Design)

Market GPS

  • As China’s cosmetics market has continued to witness increased demand due to improving lifestyles and rising disposable income ingredients supplier Fenchem says it is riding that wave by turning to the import market to meet demand. Data from Euromonitor reveals that total retail sales of skin care products and make-up products in China reached Rmb131.4 billion and Rmb18.2 billion respectively in 2013, achieving year-on-year growth of 9.1% and 7.3% respectively. (Cosmetics Design)


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