A round-up of the latest news and information you need to know to start your week surrounding all things beauty and grooming.

Legislative/ Regulatory

  • Personal-care product manufacturers are under pressure to reformulate items containing plastic microbeads as states take steps to legislate the ingredients away due to environmental concerns, and ingredient suppliers are increasing efforts to promote their alternative offerings. Providers emphasize alternatives’ built-in value, which offsets the premium pricing of many such offerings. (The Rose Sheet)
  • Senate HELP committee leaders release a draft bill for discussion that builds on the Sunscreen Innovation Act and its proposed deadlines for FDA review of sunscreen TEA applications, adding provisions that would require FDA to set “reasonable” review deadlines for all OTC ingredient TEAs. ( The Rose Sheet)

Business Portfolio

  • The beauty industry today consists of many beauty brands, some are well-positioned newbies and some are well-established names. Buyers interested in broader product lines, faster growing segments, new technology and geographic expansion are now seeking opportunities, searching for the brands with the greatest potential. Kline identifies and profiles many up-and-coming players in their Cosmetics & Toiletries report, including those recently acquired, such as Blow Pro (Farouk), e.l.f. Cosmetics (TPG Growth) and Tarte (Kosé). The upcoming 2014 edition will once again bring out profiles of about 150 smaller marketers including assessments of each company’s business, sales data and channel and marketing strategies. (CEW)
  • Prabal Gurung / MAC partnership confirms benefits in beauty deals.  The Nepalese American fashion designer Prabal Gurung is the latest to team up with a cosmetics giant to boost the awareness of his brand in both the fashion and beauty field. (Cosmetics Design)
  • Shiseido’s Za Cosmetics Enters India (WWD)

Industry Pulse

  • Sales of prestige beauty items in U.S. department stores jumped 5% in the second quarter of 2014 to $2.5 billion, according to The NPD Group. Growth across each of beauty’s three largest categories—skin care, fragrance and cosmetics—contributed to the growth. Karen Grant, Vice President and Global Industry Analyst, The NPD Group, Inc., said she is encouraged by the second quarter’s positive performance.  “Primary prestige segments continue to be market drivers, but the industry is realizing the opportunities and revenue that lie among smaller, more specialized segments. With the current momentum as a platform, we expect the next two quarters to be positive, leading to annual performance a bit softer but in line with the low to mid-single-digit growth trend of 2013.” (CEW)
  • In an exclusive interview with “The Rose Sheet,” PCPC’s new Chief Scientist Beth Lange cites familiar challenges, including the need to combat misinformation regarding cosmetic ingredient safety. Formerly chief scientific officer at Mary Kay, Lange hopes to draw from her experience educating beauty consultants when engaging NGOs and addressing consumer concerns. (The Rose Sheet)
  • The fragrance industry embraced customized colognes and perfumes for quite some time but it is far from being digitized. Most scent stores rely on the fact that people need to physically visit a store, sit down with a representative and sample colognes or perfumes. Scent Trunk wants to challenge this commonplace experience by combing a handful of emerging experiential components: the subscription service model and a touch of analytics. According to an email we received from their co-founder, William Yin. ( PSFK)
  • Bespoke beauty treatments based on the individual’s genetic code are no longer a notion of the future. Here, Cosmetics Design looks at what biotech companies are doing to advance the segment. The segment really came to the forefront in 2012 when it was revealed that biotech firms had been working on human genome cloud based genetics for cosmetics applications. (CosmeticsDeisgn)

Market GPS

  • Troubled fragrance and luxury cosmetics player Elizabeth Arden is contemplating a tender offer from the affiliates of private equity investor Rhône Capital. The tender has been made by Nightingale Onshore Holdings and Nightingale Offshore Holdings offering to acquire up to 6.4 million shares of the company’s outstanding stock, which constitutes approximately 20% of all the outstanding shares. The private equity investors made the offer at $17.00 per share at the beginning of the week, which would put the total offer as high as $109 million. (CosmeticsDesign)
  • The Japanese government has announced that certain cosmetics purchases will soon be tax-free for foreigners visiting the country, in a move that aims to increase tourist spending in the country. The government says that tax-free items will also include confectionary and health care products, and the new law will come into effect from October 1s t this year. (CosmeticsDeisgn)


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