New Year… New Makeup!

To jump start the new year, now  is the perfect time to take a moment and  review what’s in your makeup collection and toss anything that’s been hanging around well past it’s usefulness.  To avoid the possibility of harmful bacteria, here are three items with the shortest life span to throw out today.



  • Shelf-Life: 3 months
  • The Reason: Mascara tubes are dark wet environments which make them a perfect breeding ground for bacteria build up. Once mascara goes bad you increase your chances of eye infections. Also, old mascara doesn’t perform – lengthening or thickening fibers often separate from the fluid and the mascara stops going on in a smooth, even coat. Remember not to repeatedly pump the wand as this pumps more air and air born bacteria into the tube.

Liquid Eyeliner

  • Shelf-Life 3-6 months
  • The Reason:  As they do with mascara, bacteria tend to flourish in liquid-eyeliner tubes and the product dries out.

Liquid Face Makeup

  • Shelf Life – 6 months
  • The Reason: The longer you have these liquid items you increase the growth of or  odds of bacterial growth. When you repeatedly apply liquid products to dirty brushes and unclean fingers its likely you will experience breakouts and skin irritation.  Also as they age, oils rise to the top and the consistency thickens and will gogo on unevenly creating a streaky, inconsistent finish.

Lip Gloss

  • Shelf-Life – 1 year
  • The Reason: Lip glosses contain water that makes them mini reservoirs of bacteria. Overtime they also dry out making application rough on the lips.  Keep in mind that long-wearing formulas may have an even shorter life span since they often contain ingredients that evaporate more quickly than creamier formulas.


Old School

  • Put a small sticker on your makeup as it goes into your makeup bag. Of course this takes away from the container’s great packaging.
  • Keep a notebook

New School/Mobile App

  • Sign up for the Well-Kept Beauty app. The app keeps tabs on all this information for you and alerts you when it’s time to toss anything that’s gone bad.
  • Until then, take time about every three months to check in on your products checking there consistency and smell.

How do you keep track of when your beauty products are no longer performing? We would love to hear your tips for keeping your makeup clean and organized.

1938 is the online magazine blog for Well-Kept Beauty, formally entitled Primer.

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