There are plenty of reasons to exercise. For some, it’s to prepare for a beach get-a-way or an upcoming wedding and for others it’s about staying healthy. Whatever your motivation, it’s not just your body, health and mind that will reap the rewards – your skin also reaps the rewards of exercise.

Like you, we learned from our junior high science teacher that our skin is our body’s largest living organ and sweating is the best form of detox.  Below are just three beauty benefits you can get from exercising.


Working out not only boosts circulation but also improves lymphatic drainage, resulting in a glowing complexion. And, while exercise like yoga can’t minimize cellulite (which is genetic), maintaining a healthy exercise regime alongside a healthy diet will minimize fatty deposits, which contribute to pesky cellulite.


Some people believe exercise can cause acne. But, the truth is sweat, caused from exercise, actually helps to create a better skin protection barrier. It’s important to use a cleansing formula that will not strip the body of acidity, tipping your body’s pH levels towards alkaline.


Our skin regenerates at night – we call it “beauty sleep” for a reason – and regular exercise tends to lead to a better, deeper night’s sleep.


Exercise is an excellent stress reliever as it produces all of the “happy hormones” such as serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain. Less stress mean less possible breakouts and skin irritation.

How much exercise do you do every day, every week? Just by adding 30 minutes of exercise or a brisk walk to your day three times a week you will see a difference in both you overall health and skin.

Have noticed any changes in your skin or complexion? Share your tips below?

1938 is the online magazine blog for Well-Kept Beauty, formally entitled Primer.

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